VIP Guest Entertainment is offering exclusive licensing of the VIPGuest App to Regional Brand Managers in return for a one-time licensing fee and a small monthly maintenance fee.


Time spent on a mobile device has risen to 2 hrs and 42 minutes per day and commands 86% of consumers time. (source Flurry Analytics)


Smartphone sales forecast for 1.7billion for 2017, an forecasted growth of 71% from 1 billion in 2013 (source Statista)


Mobile app download forecast for 250 billion in 2017, a forecasted growth of 94% from 138 billion in 2014 (source Statista)


Mobile apps accounted for more than half of all digital media time spent on mobile devices, coming in at 51%. (source ComScore)


31.2% of website traffic came from mobile devices, which represents a 31 percent year-on-year change. (source Statista)

A Full TurnKey Service

With the VIP-Guestbusiness opportunity, partners can setup their own mobile app business in the comfort of knowing that they can leverage our powerful platform backed by technical knowhow and in-house graphic designers. Joining us gives them the best possible chance of success in their own mobile app business. However the success of any business is influenced hugely but the people behind it.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are wanting to take charge of their own future. This should be backed with the ambition and desire to build a mobile app business. Our successful partners are dedicated and disciplined and are willing to inject their time and energy into their new mobile app business.

How big is the market opportunity?
The market opportunity is huge. A record number of 700 million smartphones were shipped in 2012 – a 43% growth on 2011 numbers. Over 75% of the world’s population are mobile subscribers and the mobile app industry is forecast to grow by over 1000% by 2015. In just over three years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.

Over 95% of our target audience do not have an iPhone, iPad, Android or HTML5 mobile website.
How is the brand marketed?
Online, via the search engines, social media, business networking and targeted calling.
What does VipGuest look for in potential franchisees?
We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate entrepreneurial flair, ambition, responsibility, dedication and are well organised with a good attitude.

How much you can earn?

Starting a new business takes a lot of time, energy and commitment. When you are out there on your own, it can be even more daunting. When you join VIP Guest Entertainment, you know you are working with an experienced team who can help you every step of the way. What’s more, you get all the rewards of the hard work you invest in your business.​

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